HH Academy is an English combined school with grades from Grade R - Grade 12 and is registered with the Eastern Cape Department of Education. We offer a strong emphasis on Spirit filled development towards a life-time of commitment to Christian values based on the Word of God. Our pupils per classroom are kept to a minimum so that learners will get intensive individual attention with their school work. This ensures that each student's potential is discovered and developed. Our educators are trained and encouraged how to teach with Christ in the Centre as departure point of every curriculum. The school adopts the National Curriculum (CAPS). Government ANA exams are also written by Grades 3, 6 and 9.

There are a number of values and principles that have always been a part of the vision for the school, and which form the cornerstones on which it is built. These are:

The priority of a quality academic education
We only work with well qualified, motivated, passionate and enthusiastic staff, with a balance of youthful enthusiasm and energy, and educators with extensive experience.

In addition, classes are limited to a maximum of 15 per class (senior phase), 25 per class (FET Phase) , and examinations are written under the auspices of the National Department of Education; and in the future with the Independent Examinations Board to ensure an excellent qualification that is recognised around the world, making all graduates of the school globally marketable.

Discipline is a priority, and the Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Code are strictly adhered to – we believe that there are many responsibilities that go with the right to an education, and ill discipline will not be tolerated at the school. We operate according to a debit and merit system, with suspension and expulsion reserved for those who are unable to operate within the disciplinary structures of the school.

A wide variety of subjects will be offered at the senior levels, with the aim of allowing each learner to focus on the areas in which he or she has the greatest abilities.

Technology will be embraced, with an advanced internet system and wireless networking across the school, which make the school one of the most advanced schools in the province in this field.

The importance of co-curricular activities
We believe that the best education is a well-rounded education, which includes cultural activities and sporting participation.

We therefore place an emphasis on co-curricular activities, both sporting and cultural. Cultural activities including drama, public speaking and debating will be offered at a high standard by staff who will be passionate about these arts. It is something we are pursuing with vigor while looking for a bigger space for the school.

A Christian ethos
While Happy Home Academy will not be a “church school”, linked to any particular denomination or church, Christian principles will be taught and modelled at the school. The school Values of Faith, Integrity, Respect and Excellence are all qualities that we promote and encourage – and expect – from staff and learners.

Excellent facilities at affordable fees
We are committed to providing the very best facilities for our learners, both in the classroom and out of the school. At the same time we want to ensure that Happy Home Academy remains affordable for the local community. We have been able to keep fees below most other independent schools while still providing excellent facilities and resources.

We will strive to keep fees at these levels and to keep fee increases to a minimum, while not sacrificing the quality of education in any way.

"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other." - Abraham Lincoln
To provide the best possible education for all learners through:

Tick  A culture of learning characterised by the school’s Values of Faith, Integrity, Respect and Excellence.

Tick  Passionate, qualified, dedicated and enthusiastic staff.

Tick  Superior facilities that allow for excellence in every sphere, with effective use of the latest technology and equipment.

Tick  We aim to develop in learners a sense of personal self worth by providing a strong school ethos, a Christian value system and a sense of history, respect and tradition.
Tick  Faith: in God, and that He has a plan and a purpose for every one of us.

Tick  Integrity: to act in the right way simply because it’s right; not out of a desire for reward.

Tick  Respect: for all the people we encounter, for our own and others’ belongings, for the school and for God.

Tick  Excellence: in every sphere to achieve to the best of our ability.

Discipline and Dedication

Tick  Because DISCIPLINE is the ability to do the things we don't want to do when we don't want to do them. Our doing this thing will eventually reward us with the freedom to choose what we want to do when we want to do it.

Tick  Because DEDICATION is the nuts and bolts, the daily grind, the ability to continue day in and day out no matter the obstacle. It is the fortitude to continue a DISCIPLINE even after failure, roadblocks, setbacks and shortcomings.

Tick  Because life is a series of opportunities and challenges that can be taken or ignored.

Tick  Because God provides us each morning with what we need to get through the day.