English, Xhosa, Afrikaans, Creative Arts, Social Science, Economic and Management Sciences, Technology, Social Science, Life Orientation, Mathematics, Natural Sciences

GRADE 10, 11 AND 12
English Home Language, Xhosa First Additional Language, Afrikaans First Additional Language, Mathematics, Mathematic Literacy, Physical Science, Life Science, Business studies, Accounting, Geography, Tourism, Life Orientation.

Take note that in grade 8 and 9 the only choices that can be made are between the two (2) Languages Afrikaans FAL & IsiXhosa FAL. Students have to do two (2) languages English HL (compulsory) and one First Additional Language. The subject choices for Grade’s 10 to 12 have certain restrictions which will be explained when registering. Students from grade 10 to 12 have to take seven (7) of the offered subjects, which include two (2) Languages and either Mathematics or Mathematic Literacy and Life Orientation.

(Grade R - 3) - 7h45 - 13h00
(Grade 4 - 7) - 7h45 - 14h00
(Grade 8 - 12) - 7h45 - 14h30

(Grade R - 7) - 7h45 - 13h00
(Grade 8 - 12) - 7h45 - 13h30

Aftercare available for grade R - 7 from Monday to Friday @ 15h00 - 17h00 and costs is R400p/m.

Compulsory extra classes and cross grade teaching daily after school for those whose academic performance is not up to standard.



All assessment is based upon the National Protocol for Assessment (National curriculum Statement).

Assessment takes place on a frequent basis throughout the term. Assessments in the form of Homework, Projects, Tasks, Oral, essays, class tests, etc. are used to assess the progress a student is making. The marks accumulated during these assessments add to the final promotion marks of a student. If a student is absent for any of these assessments without a legal reason, he/she will forfeit the mark. Late submittance of assignments or non compliance to any of these assessments will cause the student to get nil (0) for the specific assessment.

A termly assessment program will be provided to the students and parents at the beginning of each term showing all dates for tests and other assessments for all subjects. Students whose academic progress is not up to standard, will be retained after school for compulsory extra classes and cross grade teaching to help them to improve and get up to set standards.

Student  Student

Scheduled test are written according to a set Calendar which is supplied to all students and parents. All students from grade 4 to 12 write these tests. These tests are part of the continuous assessment program. If a student is absent on the day of a test, he/she will get nil (0) for the test. The Calendar also stipulates dates of assessments (oral, Assignments, etc).

Foundation phase will be assessed throughout the year according to the National Protocol for Assessment. Examinations are written during the second term and in the fourth term of each year. The Grade 12 students also write a Trial examination during August/September of each year.

A test Series are written at the end of the first Term by all students. (Gr. 4-12). Information regarding test and Examination time tables will be made available as early as possible. Students being absent during a test or examination must submit a relevant doctor’s certificate.


All students get homework frequently. When homework is not done, the student will get a nil (0) as for a test. Homework that is not done on a frequent basis will cause the student to fail. Marks achieved in tests only, will not be enough to achieve the minimum required mark to pass.

Students with outstanding assessments (assignments etc.) or with schools fees in arrears could be disallowed to write School based examinations (SBA) This is also valid for the test Series written at the end of the First term. Parents are requested to assist their children in planning their studies and managing their time. Late submission of assignments etc. will be penalized.

Reports will be handed out at the end of each term. The second term report will be handed out at the beginning of the third term. No report will be handed out to students with outstanding school fees. An ACADEMIC WRITTEN WARNING will accompany all reports of students in danger of failing.


All staff members offer extra classes in the afternoon if required. Students and parents are invited to discuss this with the individual educators if the need arise. Grade 12 students also have the opportunity to attend a winter school during the July break. We also offer the Cross Grade teaching in the afternoon. Saturday School: Students can also make use of the classes offered at our Saturday School.

"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other." - Abraham Lincoln
To provide the best possible education for all learners through:

Tick  A culture of learning characterised by the school’s Values of Faith, Integrity, Respect and Excellence.

Tick  Passionate, qualified, dedicated and enthusiastic staff.

Tick  Superior facilities that allow for excellence in every sphere, with effective use of the latest technology and equipment.

Tick  We aim to develop in learners a sense of personal self worth by providing a strong school ethos, a Christian value system and a sense of history, respect and tradition.
Tick  Faith: in God, and that He has a plan and a purpose for every one of us.

Tick  Integrity: to act in the right way simply because it’s right; not out of a desire for reward.

Tick  Respect: for all the people we encounter, for our own and others’ belongings, for the school and for God.

Tick  Excellence: in every sphere to achieve to the best of our ability.

Discipline and Dedication

Tick  Because DISCIPLINE is the ability to do the things we don't want to do when we don't want to do them. Our doing this thing will eventually reward us with the freedom to choose what we want to do when we want to do it.

Tick  Because DEDICATION is the nuts and bolts, the daily grind, the ability to continue day in and day out no matter the obstacle. It is the fortitude to continue a DISCIPLINE even after failure, roadblocks, setbacks and shortcomings.

Tick  Because life is a series of opportunities and challenges that can be taken or ignored.

Tick  Because God provides us each morning with what we need to get through the day.