Primary School


HH Academy is an English combined school with grades from Grade R - Grade 12 and is registered with the Eastern Cape Department of Education. We offer a strong emphasis on Spirit filled development towards a life-time of commitment to Christian values based on the Word of God. Our pupils per classroom are kept to a minimum so that learners will get intensive individual attention with their school work. This ensures that each student's potential is discovered and developed. Our educators are trained and encouraged how to teach with Christ in the Centre as departure point of every curriculum. The school adopts the National Curriculum (CAPS). Government ANA exams are also written by Grades 3, 6 and 9.

Our Aim


To raise up children under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and to provide a full curriculum based on biblical principles, pertaining to truth, righteousness and tolerance for all people in our community.


We strive to develop youngsters who are equipped to cope with the demands of the 21st century. We develop critical thinkers, who are caring and responsible.


We believe in the pursuit of excellence and we also believe children have excellence within them. It is up to us as parents and educators to provide opportunities for every child’s special gift to be recognised and nurtured.


We aim to develop the potential of each learner setting an example with our educators who must be a living curriculum which the learners can follow.


We believe that it is very important to offer differentiated teaching and learning experiences.


We trust that we will develop well-rounded, well-balanced, caring and confident youngsters who are intrinsically motivated.


At HH Academy we believe that all our children will be leaders at some stage in their lives. It is our philosophy to give every child the opportunity to lead, and that leadership is learnt through practice based on the principles of servant leadership. We create opportunities for all our children, not just Grade 7s, to be leaders, to be able to take the lead in serving their families, school and their community. We teach leadership qualities formally through our curriculum and informally through all activities, allowing our children to understand and develop themselves further. This is promoted through a reflective process in which all children participate

Extramural (sport and cultural)

The aim of extramurals at HH Academy is to motivate and encourage children to be active for at least 60 minutes a day, and to sample our extensive sport and cultural programme. We would like to ensure that the children find enjoyment and lasting satisfaction through participating in both physical and cultural activities catering for the competitive child, as well as the keen participant. Apart from increasing the physical skills and fitness of each child, they also learn to be young leaders, develop their self-worth, problem-solve, think critically, and learn to work in co-operation with others in a team, to mention a few. We offer a range of sporting activities at a team and non-team level: swimming (team and non-team) Cultural activities offered: Art Club, chess, Creativity Club, choir (junior – all Grade 3 and 4, senior – Grade 5, 6, 7). Grades 5-7 have Arts and Culture for 30 minutes a week. Music, art, drama and dance are integrated by working on special themes during the year. Each learner is exposed to, and becomes involved in, all the arts and becomes visually and musically literate through interaction and participation


Every morning starts with prayer and we ensure that assembly times are also expressive of our commitment to God through prayer and song. Every Wednesday our learners also take part in Scripture union where they learn more about God.

Learning Support

Learning support is provided through regular academic reviews where areas of concern are identified. Referral to the necessary professional therapist takes place through the remedial department.

School Curriculum

Every possible learning opportunity is embraced to accommodate the developing needs of our young ladies and gentlemen. We offer a wide range of subjects, including:

Grade 1-3 Grade 4-6
English Home Language English Home Language
Afrikaans 1st Additional Language Afrikaans 1st Additional Language
Mathematics Mathematics
Life Skills Life Skills
Social Science
Natural Science & Technology
Biblical Studies